Celtrixa* is a scientifically-advanced topical lotion available directly from our special laboratory. It can't be found in any pharmacy or skin treatment spa. It has been specifically formulated to noticeably reduce the unsightly appearance of depth, color and depression of stretch marks. Studies on Regu®-Stretch the key ingredient in Celtrixa* show amazing results with particpants in an 84 day study reporting a significant improvement in color, width and length of their stretch marks!
We asked our customers what they thought and these are their success stories:
'I sincerely LOVE this product! I dropped the baby weight but the evidence of my pregnancy was written all over my hips and stomach in the form of ugly and embarrassing scars... stretch marks. I began using Celtrixa® about 6 weeks ago...
I started to notice the color start to lighten and my skin's appearance began to soften.
I am looking forward to the summer so I can have the chance to wear a belly shirt without feeling embarrassed.'

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